Pestrid Management Service Canada

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PestRid Management Services

Bed Bug Control

Our pest control specialists eliminate bed bug infestation using practices that are eco-friendly and effective.

Rodent Control

We employ methods that are practical and useful to catch and get rid of, whether it be rats or mice.

Ant Control

We will get rid of the troublesome ants as well as limit their population so they will not over and over infest your kitchen or yard.

Spider Control

Our strategy for spider control is geared for the long-term eradication of these unwanted and unpleasant insects.

Cockroach Control

Because we are aware that it is difficult to be in a property that is infested with roaches, we exterminate all of them.

Bee & Wasp Removal

Bees and Wasps can be removed from your yard by our professionally trained pest control specialists in the most effective manner.